photo credit  Shannon O'Connor

photo credit Shannon O'Connor

Alyson Provax is an artist living in Portland, Oregon. She is interested in language, feelings, and memory. Her work draws from the tradition of printmaking and she often uses these techniques to create repetition within an individual piece.

She has shown regionally at Wolff Gallery, Upfor Gallery, Bridge Productions, Archer Gallery and the Whatcom Museum, nationally at A.I.R. Gallery and The Untitled Space in New York, and internationally at the Blueproject Foundation in Barcelona.

Her work appeared in articles about artists’ responses to the 2016 election in New York Magazine, Newsweek and ArtSlant. In 2018 she made letterpress billboard works shown in Seattle for Vignettes and Gramma’s A LONE, which was supported by the Bill and Ruth True Foundation. This interest in public art has continued with something nameless shown in Portland in June 2019, supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Her first solo publication project was published by Volumes Volumes in fall 2019.

For a peek into Alyson's studio and process, watch her interview with Shannon O'Connor on vimeo.